ZNA In Trouble For Firing Live Bullets At ZCTU Offices

By Own Correspondent| The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has formally lodged a police report against the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) accusing members of the uniformed forces of firing into their offices at Gorlon House on August 1.

On the said day, six people died while several others were injured when soldiers fired live bullets at protesters and civilians following protests over the announcement of presidential election results by the ZEC.

ZCTU secretary general Japhet Moyo told a local publication that his organisation had reported the ZNA to the police.

Said Moyo:

“We made a report of an incident that happened at our offices on the 1st of August 2018, where soldiers pumped live rounds of ammunition at the second and third floors of our offices.

What we found strange was that we were asked whether we knew who exactly fired the bullets and when we said it was the army.

The officer who attended to us then said it was improper to just mention an institution but we should have a name of the person responsible, otherwise they treat the perpetrators as “unknown.”

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