Zanu PF Claims Chief Ndiweni Is Misleading Nation

Farai Dziva|Zanu PF UK has accused Chief Ndiweni of misleading the people of Zimbabwe.

See the Zanu PF UK statement below:

Ndiweni must be careful. He makes it seem like there were no people living in what is now known as Ntabazinduna prior to Mzilikazi’s invasion.

Those people have living descendants. We have to note that Europeans were in what we now know as Zimbabwe more than a century before his ancestors Ndiweni has no nyaya.

Four decades overseas then all of a sudden he is the vanguard of the Ndiweni chieftainship?
Surely how can he question the election of President ED Mnangagwa and the integrity of our constitutional court, misleading many people in the process?

Chief Nhlanhla Ndiweni
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