Zanu PF Bigwigs Feel Heat Of Economic Meltdown


Terrence Mawawa|Zanu PF mandarins in Mt Darwin have been forced to suspend operations due to the escalating economic crisis in the country.

A Zanu PF activist in Mt Darwin yesterday wrote the following note, accusing his party of failing to run the country:STEPHEN KABOZO ZANU-PF MP FOR MT DARWIN SOUTH SHOP AT JOSIA- MATOPE has been closed .

MARIKISI MUDZIDZI COMPLEX SHOP at Rushinga Business Centre has been closed.

Please maMPs e ZANU-PF musaite mahypocrites you told us to vote for ZANU-PF vhurai mashops enyu titenge cheap goods from you if you are true patriots.

Dzikisai ma prices enyu and lead by example ndimi makatanga kudhurisa trikukuonai hedu nyaraiwo and don’t sabotage ED.

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