Wina Parries Inducement Claim for Defecting Councillors

Vice President Inonge Wina says anybody doubting that the refunded DFID money was lying in a Zanaco account before being returned on request should engage the bank.

And Wina says some councillors are defection from the opposition UPND not because they are being incited but because they have realized that the opposition political party would never form government.

During the Vice President’s Question Time, Wina said the matter was still under investigation and results will be made public.

She was responding from a question from Mazabuka Central lawmaker Garry Nkombo who wanted to know when the Vice President would deliver the Ministerial Statement on the DFID funds.

“There is no way money can be stolen and found the following day sitting in a bank. It is just that the person who raised the alarm that the money which was misappropriated, misplaced was not from DFID. If you want to obtain any information on the money which was deposited you are free to engage Zanaco,” she said.

“The case is still under investigation and when results are done the information will be made public.”

Wina told the house that the Patriotic Front was not inducing any councillor to defect from the UPND but people were crossing over out of choice.

“The PF does not buy councillors or induce them. Currently for the first time in the history of our country councillors receive a monthly allowance of K3, 000. For any councillor to leave that comfort and go where they are not guaranteed of anything unless they are desperate. It is just that the councillors have realized the UPND will never see the light of day. They are making an early exit before the big hand falls,” he said.

Wina warned saboteurs through reckless statements that they would be dealt with.


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