“Two More Years To Go Before Gvnt Scraps 2% Tax”: Mthuli Ncube Tells Zimbabweans

By Own Correspondent| Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube has revealed that Zimbabwe will do away with the divisive two percent tax in the next two to three years arguing that the country cannot have austerity forever.

Speaking at the Global Shapers Zimbabwe Road to Davos discussion in the capital Harare Friday, Ncube said he was now comfortable with the fiscal side of his austerity measures and is now working on the monetary side.

He spoke against the demands for dollarisation which he described as capitulation while justifying the need to re-introduce the Zimbabwean dollar.

He said:

“I’m now comfortable with the fiscal side in austerity measures. I even contemplate easing taxes in the next 2/3 years. We can’t ‘ve austerity foreeva. What’s left now is the heavy weight lifting on the monetary policy side. Dollarization would be capitulation. We need own currency.”

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