To Do List for ED in The Aftermath of The Rusape Bus Disaster

By Farai Maguwu| Nothing is more important to a national leader than the health and safety of his / her people. The Rusape bus disaster has surely united the nation in mourning. The President of the Republic who has since expressed his deep sorrow over the tragedy can surely do more to comfort the bereaved families and the injured.

The President and his two deputies must fly to Mutare and Rusape and visit the injured in hospital. They should also visit some of the bereaved families and assure them that indeed we are together. Nothing is more comforting to a citizen than to have the President of the Republic personally coming to your homestead to comfort you in such a trying time like this . Even your enemies will for a moment fail to find negative words about you.

The President must go beyond supplying a coffin and a blanket. Surely govt can do better than this. A careful assessment of the bereaved families is needed. Some have lost breadwinners. Govt can help create jobs among the surviving dependents according to their capabilities. The help needed is beyond financial donations

Above all govt must investigate the cause of the accident. Is it first time that this or these buses have been involved in fatal accidents due to human error?. If it’s not first time we want drastic action to be taken. If it’s due to human error the wrong party must compensate the bereaved families and the injured. I also want the licence of that operator revoked or suspended for some years.

I hope my advice, given in a spirit of brotherhood, will be heeded

Thank you

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