Teachers Unions Sing Different Tunes On Gvnt Engagement Over Grievances

By Own Correspondent| Teachers’ unions here are at loggerheads and singing different tunes on how to engage the government over their grievances.

While Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) have resolved to go on strike on Friday, Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta) seeks to engage the government through the Apex Council.

PTUZ secretary-general Raymond Majongwe said:

“It is sad that there are some amongst us who still want to work with a captured Apex Council that no longer represents our interests as teachers otherwise there is no need for Zimta, for instance, which was at the forefront of forming Fozeu to be keen on engaging government through an institution that we dumped a long time ago.”

Zimta is however proposing a different approach from industrial action opting instead to engage the Apex council.

Said Zimta’s secretary-general Tapson Sibanda:

“It is true that we were behind Fozeu and that we think it is the best option when compared with the Apex Council but the challenge we are facing is that it is not recognised by our employer so it only makes sense (for us) to use (the Apex Council) until we register ours.”

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