Sentiments On Mnangagwa’ s Intention To Offer Chamisa A Post


Terrence Mawawa|The people of Zimbabwe believe President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a cunning figure who is insinuating secret manoeuvres meant to coax MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa by portraying a false sense of endearment.

Below are comments on Chamisa’s refusal to be hoodwinked by Mnangagwa :
Farai Vhinzu:”Thank you for not being led astray we are behind you Mr

Watson Sithole:”True Chamisa -we don’t want sellouts that’s why
Tsvangirai chose you imagine if Khuphe was the leader.”

Taurai Chiwara:”Garwe rinotobuda chete mumvura thank you our
President Mr Chamisa we will never let you down kusvika mave panyanga.”

Solomon Ringoziwa:”Thank you President.”Gijimani Mathende:”
We salute you mr president. ”

Shamy Destiny Sibanda:” This man Chamisa is creating history in the
country . He is the real deal I do love him so much chisa mbama chisa chaaaaaaaa.”

Tendai Sithole:”Thats good our president.”

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