Prison ‘Captain’ gets 30 Years for Sodomizing Juvenile Inmate

A captain for inmates at Chipata’s Namuseche prison was on Tuesday slapped with a 30 year jail sentence for unnatural offence.

Before Judge Conceptor Zulu was Nelson Mwanza who is serving a jail sentence for aggravated robbery was charged with unnatural offences after he had sex with a 12 year old boy against the order of nature at Namuseche correctional facility last year.

Judge Zulu noted that the convict took advantage of the vulnerable juvenile whom he abused at the correctional facility.

The matter was committed to the High Court for sentencing by the Chipata Magistrates’ Court.

.During trial in the Magistrates’ Court the boy who was one of the prosecution witnesses, stated that in September 2017 he was taken to police and later to prison after he committed an offence which landed him in prison.

He said while in prison, his father brought him food and that the convict told him to cook the food.

The boy said when he ate the food he had cooked, the convict complained that he had also eaten his food.

He said when he told him that he did not have food to give him; the convict ordered that he sleeps with him.

The boy said later around 09:00 hours, when other inmates had gone out of the cell the convict took him to the toilet and had sex with him.

He said afterwards his back was paining such that he could not sit properly.

The boy narrated that the convict threatened that he would kill him if he reported the matter to anyone.

He said the convict sodomized him on five occasions.

The boy said he reported the matter to the Magistrate when he appeared for mention on his case.

He said later the matter was reported to police before he was taken to the hospital where he was given some medicine.

After convicting the inmate Magistrate Philip Mpundu committed Mwanza to the high court for sentencing

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