“Pray For Farirai And Four Detained Activists”

Farai Dziva|Social media analyts Simeon Mawanza has urged the nation to pray for Farirai Gumbonzvanda and the detained human rights activists.

See Mawanza’s statement : Last night I could not sleep. I was thinking of this young woman, Farirai Gumbonzvanda.

She spent the night in Zimbabwe’s top most maximum security prison, Chikurubi Prison. She is accused of plotting to overthrow the government. How could I sleep knowing fully well that an injustice is unfolding in my country and the victim is someone I know.

We have many challenges in our country, but I think the worst is when the State falsely accuses innocent people and lock them up and we keep quiet about it. I have weighed in on this case. I have applied logic. I am still wondering why someone would think they are doing our country a favour by locking up our innocent Farirai.

One of the reasons I had taken a vow not to comment on politics in Zimbabwe was because I was disillusioned by a type of politics that does not seek to establish common ground so that we can rebuild our lives.

Farirai is 26 years old. She came home after studies to volunteer in a charity that seeks to empower rural girls to have dreams beyond their village. She campaigns to end child marriages.

She is a model citizen. When her peers are out partying and doing all sorts she is building her community clutching on her mother’s big skirt – our big sister Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda .

I pray for love. I pray for Farirai. I pray for my country. I pray for its leadership. I pray for the innocent locked up for crimes they did not commit.

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