Poor Ordinary Malawians Will Pay The Price For The Violent Demos

Malawi is heading for tough times in the next months. Tough times as a result of the destructive demonstrations led by Chakwera, Chilima and Mtambo.

All ordinary Malawians will pay the price! Malawians will feel the harsh, painful, and negative effect of the demos.

Poverty and hardship will stare us in the face. It will leave us with nowhere to run.

There is an untold story of and impact of the demonstrations that began in June.

When demonstrators burnt tyres on the roads, they blocked the movement of goods — affecting business.

Closure of small businesses and markets led them into economic hardship.

Small businesses made little money since June because of demos. This backbone of the economy pays taxes and employs a lot of people.

Right now, the cost of damage from the claims by twenty-five small businesses run into half a billion. When more people come forward for evaluations, the number will grow.

Malawians must expect prices of food and goods to go up as a result of demonstrations.

The kwacha has been weakening against the Dollar.

Economic damages resulting from the demonstration go beyond what you see. But all Malawians will pay the price, whether we supported the demos or not.

Businesses are likely going to be forced retrench workers. When revenue or sales are down, they will have to cut down somewhere.

Malawi Revenue Authority is not going to meet its revenue collection targets. The tax collected by the MRA pays for government and essential services to Malawians. Malata subsidy and social cash transfer are a case in point.

The violent demos have caused huge economic damage.

Unfortunately, it is not Mtambo, Chilima, and Chakwera who would feel the pain. It is us ordinary Malawians who are going to have to face the economic hardships that lie ahead of us.

It is ordinary and poor Malawians who will pay the price of the demos.

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