OPINION: Kambwili in Catch 22 Dialogue Conundrum

The debate over the eligibility of Roan Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has continued to rage.

Kambwili is a parliamentarian on the Patriotic Front roster but has also founded a political party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) where he has fronted his side-kick and former Patriotic Front Chimwemwe lawmaker Mwenya Musenge.

His political adversaries have gone to town about his ineligibility to attend dialogue on account of his duplicity of membership.

Kambwili has been expelled by the Patriotic Front and has contested that expulsion in the courts of law. As a matter of fact Kambwili remains legally a PF member of parliament until such a time when the legal process is exhausted.

The lesson for Kambwili as for anybody else in politics is to have a clear mind once one makes decisions.

Kambwili has to decide whether he wants to be NDC all the way or remain in PF to fight for his membership.

After all why should his legion of supporters follow him when he is unwilling to give the comfort of incumbency? Stepping out of the PF shadow will help him build his NDC brand easily ahead of the distant 2021 elections. He would have no drama around his case of being possibly thrown out of the dialogue process that he so desperately wants to be part of.

Kambwili cannot have it both ways clinging on to PF membership in parliament whilst also propping up his image as opposition NDC 2021 candidate on the other. In street lingo Kambwili’s spread eagled behaviour is referred to Ichimbwi afwile intanganana.

The Roan lawmaker has six days to sort out his dilemma or really risk being hounded out of the dialogue.

Kambwili has the option of renouncing his PF membership and forever pursue his NDC dream. The NDC consultant is surely between a rock and a hard place.

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