Notes from Zimbabwe

MDC Alliance has missed the 4pm deadline today to file the court case to challenge the presidential election results.

After the Tendai Biti saga, America has re-instated the ZIDERA sanctions against the people of Zimbabwe for the next 5 years.

MDC Tendai Bail has been granted $5 000 bail by the Harare Magistrates Court today.

The Court has ordered that Mr. Biti is to surrender passport & title deeds and report twice a week to police, not to interfere with witnesses or address political gatherings.

President of Zimbabwe ED’s Statement on Release of Tendai Biti

‏Tendai Biti was released earlier today following my intervention.

At such a crucial time in the history of the new Zimbabwe, nothing is more important than unity, peace and dialogue.

Equally important, however, is an adherence to the rule of law.  I repeat – no one is above the law. Thus due to the serious nature of the allegations of incitement, due process will continue.

I call on all parties to immediately cease from all forms of incitement to violence, and to conduct all activities solely within the framework of the law.

All Zimbabweans must join us now in striving for unity, peace and reconciliation. Peace is paramount.

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