Nkhata Bay and Tanzania’s Nyasa District cement relationship

Nkhata Bay District Council officials on Saturday held bilateral talks with their counterparts from Nyasa District Council at Mbamba Bay in Tanzania.

Nkhata Bay district commissioner (DC) Rodney Simwaka said the meeting’s aim was to establish a platform through which the two councils can share information on issues affecting their operations.

“Good relationship is vital as it is only through such cordial relations that we can share information on how to improve our councils,” he said.

The Nkhata Bay DC said there is good relationship between Lilongwe and Dodoma but there is little being done to enhance the same between the two countries’ local councils.

“We hope that this initiative will open communication channels between us and our counterparts in Tanzania.

“We want to enhance communication on different issues such as disease outbreaks, tourism, agriculture, education, sports, trade and commerce,” said Simwaka.

To improve tourism in Nkhata Bay, the DC said the council will develop a strategic plan called the Triangle of Treasure’.

“It is called Triangle of Treasure because we want to promote tourism as a package in Nkhata Bay in Malawi, Nyasa in Tanzania and Metangura in Mozambique,” he said.

Nyasa District Council administrative secretary Richard Mbambe described the meeting as beneficial. “This has opened up a new communication chapter,” he said.

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