“My Views Have Not Changed, I Am Totally Inclined Towards ZANU PF Govt,” Says Chief Charumbira As He Disowns Twitter Page

Chief Fortune Charumbira

State Media|Zimbabwe Chiefs’ Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira has dismissed a Twitter handle where controversial comments pertaining to President Mnangagwa and other political issues in the country were posted on Thursday. Chief Charumbira told The Herald here where he was attending the Second Ordinary Session of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) which ended yesterday, that he has never opened a Twitter account in his life.

He said those behind the fake Twitter handle were shameless impostors bent on soiling his image for cheap political gain.

Chief Charumbira added that no amount of smearing will break his strong association with the ZANU-PF Government and President Mnangagwa because of his high respect of the country’s liberation ethos.

One of the handles going under the name @CharumbiraChief, read,

Another post under the same handle two minutes later read,

Chief Charumbira, who is also the vice president of PAP dismissed the Twitter accounts.

“I have never used a Twitter handle in my life, I am not on Twitter and whoever created that handle is doing it out of mischief to earn cheap political scores,” he said.

“This is a well-orchestrated plan to soil my reputation and standing. It is clear that there is a lot of politics at play.

“Let me make it clear that my views have never changed.

“I am totally inclined towards the liberation ethos which in Zimbabwe are represented by the Zanu-PF Government.”

He added that he has great respect for President Mnangagwa, who leads the country on the back of a clear mandate he got after convincingly winning last year’s harmonised elections.

“I also have great respect for the President owing to the journey he travelled in the pre and post-independence periods to put Zimbabwe where it is today,” said Chief Charumbira.

The Chiefs’ council boss said the fake Twitter handles in his name typify everything that is wrong with social media, in so far as it can be used to politically assassinate innocent characters.

He vowed to continue drawing inspiration from the Zanu PF liberation ethos and the ruling party’s respect of the traditional leadership’s institution as evidenced by the party’s drive to restore traditional leaders’ status which had been condemned by the racist Rhodesian regime.

Some people who responded to the offensive tweet doubted it had been originated by Chief Charumbira.

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