Mudzuri Denies Harbouring Presidential Ambitions


Terrence Mawawa|MDC Alliance deputy president Engineer Elias Mudzuri has denied he is harbouring presidential ambitions.

This comes after the alleged altercation between Mudzuri and party president Nelson Chamisa over a tweet attributed to the former.

A senior party official yesterday said: “The president asked him what he was communicating to the party given that nothing about congress had been discussed so far in terms
of canvassing for support.
In his defence, Mudzuri apologised saying his account was hacked by his detractors.”

Mudzuri said: “I am not keen on commenting on such issues because my name has been abused for a long time by people who say things they do not know. Those who bring it to the party are the ones who are behind it just to tarnish my name but I have my own thinking regarding that and I am old enough that I don’t need anyone to say things on my behalf.
I will say what I think when the time comes otherwise I will make them happy by responding.”

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