MMD Factions Talk Reconciliation

The MMD faction of Nevers Mumba says it is ready to reconcile with the Felix Mutati group.

Mumba’s faction spokesperson Dr Cephas Mukuka has said they are true believers of reconciliation and forgiveness.

His statement follows calls by the Mutati faction that the two groups reconcile in the interest of saving the former ruling party.

Dr Mukuka has, however, stated that the call has come late.

“As MMD, we strongly appreciate the calls of reconciliation from our colleagues,  that is the Mutati faction. We are indeed strong believers of reconciliation and forgiveness.

We are equally strong and firm believers of the rule of law. The calls to reconcile with the Felix Mutati led faction have come rather too late. We have to appreciate the fact that our case with them is before the courts of law and that our hands for now are tied,” Dr Mukuka stated.

“We would rather give room and chance to the courts to determine the case and thereafter see what comes next. On the other hand, it should be well noted that this matter has been in court for three years now coupled with 20 applications from our friends whose applications they have lost with huge costs. For now, the best our friends should do is to render in an apology publicly as they have done to call for reconciliation.”


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