Matemadanda Blames August 1 Deaths On MDC

Victor Matemadanda

By A Correspondent| After the Kgalema Monthlante commission recommended that the government needed to look into the shooting of civilians by the security forces, the defence deputy minister has said no reforms are necessary because the security sector is OK.

Matemadanda ruled our security sector reforms while speaking after the Heroes day commemorations (Monday).

Why do we reform a thing that is OK? Why do we reform a security force that is able to fulfil its mandate? Why should people want that security sector to bereformed?

Remember, this security sector is composed (of) people who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of this country and no one has a moral obligation to say people who liberated this country should not protect it

Matemadanda went on to blame the August 1 shooting on the MDC:

That is a very unfortunate situation well-orchestrated by the perpetrators of violence, who would have wanted to have such a situation so that Zimbabwe is portrayed as a country that does not respect human life … it’s unfortunate that the occurrence of August happened, but no one would have wanted it.

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