Kitwe Resolves To Take Kids Out Of Streets

Stakeholders in Kitwe have resolved to completely get rid of street children in the Central Business District where the numbers are growing everyday.

The resolutions were arrived at after Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe and District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu called for a meeting to attend to the matter.

In a communique, Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe said stakeholders resolved to take children off all the streets immediately and work on relocating the blind street adults back to already established government facilities.

“We have resolved that we utilize the two houses in Garneton and Kawama to accommodate street kids without homes, identify homes for those street kids who have parents and their houses known,” Kang’ombe stated.

He added that stakeholders also resolved to identify few street children who are advanced in age to be trained at the Zambia National Service (ZNS) and also fundraising to supplement the efforts by government towards Garneton and Kawama homes and the ZNS expenses.

Kang’ombe added that the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Social Welfare and Ministry of Sports have been requested to draw up activities in schools to help address the challenges.

“The stakeholders also have appealed to residents of Kitwe to stop giving money to street kids as an exit strategy,  link trained street kids at ZNS to government projects needing skilled labour,” he added.

Kang’ombe stated that the stakeholders also advised that organizations like Citihop,  Zambia Rehabilitation Alliance, Change Mindset, Dreams to Reality and Child safeguarding organise programmes that would address the matter.

The increasing number of street children in Kitwe has become a serious matter of concern to general public.

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