“Investigate Chinamasa Over Missing USD$3bil”: Prof Jonathan Moyo

By Own Correspondent- Zanu Pf Secretary for Finance Patrick Chinamasa was allegedly instrumental in the disbursement of USD$ 3 billion worth of Treasury bonds which disappeared through the Command Agriculture program. 

Professor Jonathan Moyo has urged the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee to investigate Chinamasa accusing him of starting the treasury bills (#TBGate) scam.

Said Moyo:

“Parliament’s public accounts portfolio committee should summon Patrick Chinamasa to account for the looted US$3 billion. It’s him who released the loot as finance minister between December 2017 and  September 2018. It’s also him who started the #TBgate scam!”

On Thursday the Ministry of Lands Finance Director and the Permanent Secretary said they know nothing about finances that were released by the Treasury for Command Agriculture because they are not in control.

They revealed that Command Agric is run by the Office of the President and Cabinet as a sub ministry. 

Chinamasa was the Minister of Finance when the TBs were disbursed. 

Professor Moyo is on record saying the program was diverted from its original intention by self-serving individuals. 

In 2017 Prof Moyo said,

“VP Mnangagwa’s Command Ugly-Culture, disguised as Command Agriculture, is a corruption of a noble objective and is, thus, totally unacceptable! The noble objectives of Command Agriculture, first enunciated by Dr Grace Mugabe, have been corrupted by VP Mnangagwa into an Ugly-Culture!”

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