Illicit Affair: “My Daughter Snatched My Husband.”

A Domboshava woman has disowned her own daughter after she was dumped by her husband who is now having an affair with the daughter.

…woman explains ‘worst mistake of her life’

Erita Shumba revealed that she feels completely betrayed that her own flesh and blood, Jane Maketi, has stabbed her in the back by having an affair with her step-father Tichakura Gwachira.

Speaking to H-Metro Erita said

“She is evil. I got to learn about this affair on Wednesday. I have always been suspicious because each time Erita would go to the fields Tichakura would volunteer to go with her, chero kuhuni. All along I thought it was a father-daughter relationship because Tichakura would accuse me of abusing Erita saying she is the only one who is at the fields all the time, working for the family. I am not sure who started the affair, her or Tichakura; she was just supposed to tell me, she is the child.”

An unrepentant Tichakura defended himself saying that Erita was lazy and filthy. He also said that there was nothing wrong with having an affair with his stepdaughter as there was no blood relationship between the tw0.

I am wrong I admit, but the reason why I had to date her daughter is that she is lazy, ane huchapa, after all, it is not a crime because Erita is not my biological daughter, we are not related, we do not share the same blood.

The issue is now being handled at the village court.


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