How DPP Is Swallowing MCP

A sculpture of a blue cock at the National Gallery of Arts Museum in Washington DC
A sculpture of a blue cock at the National Gallery of Arts Museum in Washington DC

As the saying goes, there is nothing new under the Sun. Everything that is, has been before. This is manifesting itself in Malawi on the local political scene. Malawi Congress Party (MCP), a political force that was in the late 50’s, and a giant that it was in its 31 years of terror from 1964, is fast becoming a shadow of its former self.

From Malawi’s brief political history, the MCP started facing extinction after the formation of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in 2005. Under the founder Bingu wa Mutharika, the DPP started swallowing the MCP, structure by structure, voter by voter. This reached culmination when the DPP scooped massive votes from the traditionally MCP-dominated central region of Malawi. This was in 2009, after the DPP had delivered their promise of change and development to the masses in Malawi. There was total transformation and restoration from the laissez-faire era Bakili’s UDF reign. People could see hope and a new bright future, in contrast to the dark and gloomy credentials of the MCP. They had no option but to keep the ship going; they re-elected Bingu and gave him a lot of Members of Parliament.

Presently, there’s a déjà vu over the political scene in Malawi. Bingu’s younger brother and fifth President of Malawi since 2014, Professor Peter Mutharika is fast delivering on development. The pieces of a Cashgate-shattered economy have been picked up and a new force of growth is manifesting in the southern African nation. The agriculture sector is diversifying, energy production is diversifying, the public sector is being reformed, new opportunities for women and youths are sprouting as they are being empowered with top government positions and the rural populace being enrolled into skills development centres across the country; as the country’s inflation and balance of payment are being keenly managed.

This is exactly how the DPP is swallowing MCP and how the so called MCP strongholds will turn blue on May 20th next year.

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