HH Calls on PF to Withdraw Constitutional Amendment Bill from Parliament

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has called on the Patriotic Front to immediately withdraw the Constitutional Amendment Bill from Parliament and return to a National dialogue process that is consensus based, inclusive and transparent.

Speaking during a Press briefing at his residence this morning, Hichilema said the Patriotic Front should withdraw the constitutional amendment Bill from Parliament because the people of Zambia have spoken.

“A serious government should withdraw the bill and not merely u-turning and making false assertions. President Lungu should not assent to the bill but withdraw it to the expectations of Zambians who have the power as they own the three arms of Government,” said President Hichilema.

He made a recommendation that Zambia goes back to Church-led dialogue which is all inclusive and a process of integrity that will protect the content of the constitution.

Hichilema refuted claims by PF secretary general, Davies Mwila that the reasons they are u-turning on the “sham” PF led NDF dialogue process is because they “cared for the Zambian people”, but “the truth is it was as a result of the unwavering pressure from the Zambian people”.

He said the Patriotic Front ran away from a genuine process and coined their own NDF process in such a way that it was meant to benefit those in the PF and not the majority of Zambians.

Hichilema said after feeling the pressure from the people of Zambia, the PF were left with no option but to back down on some NDF resolutions because “they have realized that the Zambian people are not interested in this money and time wasting venture”.

Hichilema said the people of Zambia have won the battle against the PF regarding the constitutional amendment Bill and called on all Zambians to continue pushing them until it is withdrawn from Parliament.


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