Country In Safe Hands Under Mnangagwa, Claims Zanu PF Sympathiser

THE son of late Pan Africanist and founding member of the December 12 Movement, Coltrane Chimurenga, has commended President Mnangagwa for maintaining peace in the country despite foreign infiltration through civic society organisations.

In an interview in Harare, Camillo Simms said the country was in safe hands under President Mnangagwa.
“There is no better way of safeguarding the country’s legacy than maintaining a peaceful environment, which is a safe destination for investment. People are moving freely doing their business without fear. Yes, they might be some economic challenges, but they will come to pass.

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country which needs to be protected despite some foreign influence especially from hostile nations such as the United States of America and her allies,” said Simms.

My father taught me about the history of Zimbabwe during and after independence, while I was still young.
“We understand there are some opposition parties who are being sponsored by some former colonisers as a way of spearheading regime change agenda.

“Some opposition parties should be wary of the white community that wants to maintain supremacy, while taking black people as an inferior race. These whites will use all means possible to ensure they destabilise the peace that exists in the country.

“They will use all means possible to ensure black people fight against each other.
“Zimbabweans should remain united and defend any infiltration from United States of America and her allies,” he said.State media

Emmerson Mnangagwa
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