Chiyangwa Opens Up On Why He Bunked Zanu Pf 17th Annual People’s Conference

By Own Correspondent| ZANU PF Central Committee member, Hon. Phillip Chiyangwa has responded to allegations of deliberately bunking the ongoing Zanu PF conference in Bulawayo saying there is order in his party hence his disposition was not a secret.lll

Conspicuous by his absence at the 17th National People’s Conference, social media was rife with reports that Chiyangwa disrespected his leadership.

However, he told ZimEye in a brief response:

“Zanu Pf has leadership, can I see a statement from the Party that you and them are relying upon?

My party officially knows my disposition.

Opinion manipulators know their dreams.

In Zanu PF there is order , there [are] serious admin rules , thus rumour mongering and gossip ain’t gonna change lives but constructive engagement productivity and faith.”

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