“Chinamasa Appointment At Air Zim, The Recycling Machine Is In Overdrive”

By Ben Manyenyeni| Across the political fence I have always considered him a most unwelcome opponent.

In November 2017 he was among the very first people to throw sand at what was going to be the new dispensation by privatizing Zimbabwe’s best hope and destroying hope.

As Minister of Finance, I found him sincere, committed, hard-working, user-friendly, easy to believe and to support – despite the failure.

There are very few politicians, across parties, who we find sincere enough to their real cause to be trusted.That his appointment is coming directly from ZanuPF party is poor display of governance and a pointer to the real Head Office for carrier coded UM, the effective reporting office for Air Zim executives is at Shake Shake HQ.

Air Zimbabwe is a mess traumatised by politics: the same abuse which municipalities suffered in ZanuPF leg-irons.

ZanuPF must learn to enjoy things run better FOR them than badly BY them. There are so many competent independent compatriots who will never get into politics but can happily serve national institutions with superior results.

The re-cycling machine is in over-drive.

The learned lawyer has seen enough stations of political deployments but is nowhere near being retired.

With 15 million population it is only between 200 and 500 people who are responsible for our entire collapse as a country.

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