Chikwawa police rescues four from mob over bloodsucking allegations

CHIKWAWA-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi police in the lower shire district of Chikwawa Police on Thursday rescued four people after angry villagers descended on them, alleging they were bloodsuckers.
Chikwawa police publicist Foster Benjamin  said the four–a headteacher and research workers–met their fate at Mfera Primary School Wednesday afternoon.
Benjamin explained that a three-member team from one disease and control research NGO visited the school and conducted blood tests from pupils.
“The exercise went on smoothly until one pupil reportedly fainted after having his blood tested. It is said that the boy’s parents got angry and mobilised other villagers who instantly went after the team and the school’s headteacher.
“The irate villagers heavily descended on the lady who was a team leader accusing her of leading a bloodsucking mission. The school’s headteacher  whisked the lady away to safety into his office,” said Benjamin.
The mob, however, turned against the teacher, beating and accusing him of sheltering a suspected bloodsucker.
Benjamin adds, “The mob went on damaging windscreen of the team’s vehicle. Police rushed to the scene soon after getting reports of the mayhem. The law enforcers restored calm before taking the four victims to the hospital.
“No arrests have since been made but investigations are underway. The bloodsucking allegation is the latest episode since the issue died out some months ago in the district”.
Police in the district, however, will apprehend anyone fabricating or perpetrating bloodsucking rumours.

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