Chamisa Never Demanded A Vice Presidency From Mnangagwa As Claimed By Senior MDC Sources

ZimEye would like to correct an earlier news release in which senior MDC sources made claims that party President Nelson Chamisa has demanded a Vice Presidency from ZANU PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chamisa has made it clear on numerous occasions that he has no other desire to fulfil “other than the position people voted for me( the presidency).”

This is the official position and any other insinuations can only be private expressions, and Chamisa has also told the Voice Of America,  “One thing for certain, no to GNU. No to the issue of repeating what they did to president (the late Morgan) Tsvangirai. This is a new ball game, this is a new direction. If we are to have any kind of engagement, it has to be an engagement on issues to save Zimbabwe.

“We have to put on the table five critical issues that have to be discussed. First one is the issue of legitimacy, the issue of the will of the people. It doesn’t make sense for people to go for an election, vote for a candidate of their choice only for that vote to be disregarded, discarded and ignored. We want the vote to count, we want the voice of the people to be respected. For that to happen we need to understand the contours of engagement, the terrain of engagement. Who does what, when and how?”

He said the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, which killed six people in Harare a day after the harmonized elections in July when some agitated people were angry over delays in releasing presidential election results, should be confined to the barracks in order to map the way forward for Zimbabwe.

“We do not want our soldiers, our military to be there dictating to the electorate who should be leading. Let not the gun guide politics. Politics must guide the gun.”

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