Chamisa In Botswana On Regional Engagement Drive

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa is currently in Botswana on a re-engagement drive to “find solutions to the challenges facing Zimbabwe.”

Chamisa says he feels well-received in the neighboring country whose leader Mokgweetsi Eric Masisi was in Zimbabwe during the last week of February for the inaugural Zimbabwe-Botswana Bi-National Commission (BNC).

“I’m grateful for the warm welcome I have received in Gaborone where I’m currently visiting as part of our regional engagements as we seek a urgent solution to our challenges as Zimbabweans. We are part of the bigger African family, African counsel and support is fundamental,” Chamisa revealed Tuesday afternoon.

“I’m also humbled by the kindness and empathy shown by our neighbours at a time of tragedy in Zimbabwe.We are one people and we share the burden of our challenges.That is why we engage and share counsel, helping us see the whole picture and our respective place and role in it,” he added.

Chamisa did not meet the Botswana President when he visited in Zimbabwe.

The MDC leader also indicated he was going to doorstep South African leader Cyril Ramaphosa who visited Zimbabwe barely two weeks after Masisi for the Zimbabwe-South Africa Bi-National Commission. Ramaphosa, however, left without meeting Chamisa.

Neither the MDC leader nor his party have been forthcoming with information regarding which government or party officials Chamisa has met in Botswana.

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