Bulawayo Taxi Fares Shoot Up Due To Fuel Price Increase

Own Correspondent|Residents of Bulawayo this morning woke up to a shock taxi fare increase following President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s unprecedented doubling of the price of petrol last night.

The Commuter Omnibuses from the Western Suburbs of the City that are mostly high density increased their fares from 75 cents to $3 per single trip per person while those from the eastern low density suburbs decided to charged varied fares with some at $2.50 while others are charging $3.00.

Mnangagwa on Saturday night announced a hectic fuel price increase to $3.31 for petrol and $3.11 for diesel from $1.47 and $1.39 respectively.

Meanwhile, the city of Bulawayo did not have a drop of fuel on Saturday with long queues at all fuel stations. Motorists claim that the filling stations decided to hold on to the product in anticipation of the price increase.

Some stations started serving customers in the middle of the night after the increase came into effect.

Meanwhile, a social media post making rounds in the city and attributed to the Bulawayo United Public Transport Association indicates that the taxis fares have officially been pegged at $2.50 per trip.

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