APM Speech During The Opening Of Aida Chilembwe Community Technical College (13 Sept 2018)

We have gathered to continue celebrating our efforts to transform this country.

We also meet to celebrate and honour the first great woman of this country – Aida Chilembwe. I have named this College after Aida Chilembwe because it is important for us to honour our patriotic women.

Women are important drivers of economic development. In fact, no country can develop without empowering women to be part of progress.

John Chilembwe knew this wisdom and he involved his wife in the struggle for economic progress. John Chilembwe had a vision for this country to become self-dependent. Chilembwe was the first African in this part of the world to create a skills
development program. 
His wife, Aida, joined him in implementing this vision. Somehow, we lost this vision.

John Chilembwe knew that no country can develop without a skilled labour force. This is what I have said over and over. I want Malawi to industrialise. But we cannot industrialise without a skilled labour force. No country has achieved transformation without skilled labour.

Chilembwe and his wife, Ida Chilembwe, knew that there is no liberation without self-reliance. And I add— there is no development without self-reliance. There is no economic progress without economic self-reliance.
And there is no progress without hardwork.

Chilembwe taught us that liberation comes from hardwork. He established Providence Industrial Mission because he realized that providence helps those who are industrious. He called it an industrial mission because Chilembwe believed that praying
and working hard must go together.

More than one hundred years ago, Aida Chilembwe started lessons in arts and crafts for women. She believed that women must be part of the industrious spirit in the progress of society. 

More than one hundred years later, we continue with the vision of empowering our communities with skills. We pursue the spirit of self-reliance for our women and youths.

Our Community Technical Colleges are a program that empowers our youth and women to be self-dependent. I want a Malawi where young men and women are self-dependent.

We are teaching our young and women to create their own industries; to create their own businesses; to create their own jobs; and to create new wealth for this country.

By empowering Youths with skills, I want the empowered Youth be the driving force of progress. I want the Youth to be the driving force of our industrialization program.I believe in empowering our young men and women to be able to do things
for themselves and for others. I believe in the proverb which says, “teach me how to fish, instead of giving
me fish to eat.” This is the spirit which I want us as Malawians to have.

In the last four years, we have proved that with hardwork and love for our country, we can Malawi an economically independent nation.

We came into Government when this country was in a crisis. We fixed the economy and put it on the path of recovery.
We came into Government when there was no money, no donor budgetary support. But we have built roads, community technical colleges, houses for vulnerable people and taken electricity rural communities. This is the beginning of making Malawi an economic independent nation.

Skills development is an important part of education system in this country. Our system of education must teach skills, good character and knowledge.

I want the Youths who go secondary school but cannot go to university to have skills for them to be self-dependent. At the same time, I also want many youths to access secondary education.

Let us have a skilled society. And let us have a knowledgeable society.

With these remarks, I declare the Aida Chilembwe Community Technical College officially opened.

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