Alliance Partners Vent Anger on ZCID

The alliance of 10 political parties say they are not worried about who will lead the group into the 2021 elections as all the leaders were credible.

And alliance of 10 opposition political parties has held a press briefing to dress down the Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Dialogue branding it a surrogate of the ruling Patriotic Front.

During a media briefing this morning alliance spokesperson who is also Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president said that any of the 10 leaders could lead the alliance.

“Any of us can lead the alliance in 2021, I am comfortable being led by President Charles Milupi, I am confident being under President Hichilema. The alliance comprises credible leaders,” he said.

Questions continue to be asked on the premise that the political parties have come together.

On the ZCID Tembo said it would be wrong to expect the ZCID board to represent the interests of its members when it was being funded by government through the Ministry of Justice.

Tembo said that ZCID received a monthly grant of K100, 000 from government after donors pulled out from supporting the organization.

“ZCID shamelessly attempting to disparage the church is absolutely unfortunate. The moral authority of the church to lead the dialogue is beyond reproach,” Tembo said.

“The Patriotic Front government pays allowances for the ZCID members.”

He added: “In the premise above, the ZCID cannot be fairly and equitably expected to represent political parties.”

Tembo said that the alliance members were surprised that members of the legislature and the judiciary shunned the launch of the national dialogue at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

“We are at pains to understand how the judiciary and the legislature turned down the invitation to the national dialogue. They should never take political sides.”

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