300 Mozambican refugees settle in Chikwawa district

 About 300 Mozambicans have sought refuge in Chikwawa District fleeing a ‘potential’ outbreak of violence following the 15 October elections in their country .

The Mozambicans, comprising 80 households, entered the country on Thursday and settled at Chapasuka Village in Senior Chief Chapananga’s area in the district.

Phiri: The people lack food and other basic necessities

Meanwhile, about 40 households have since returned to their country.

Chikwawa district commissioner (DC) Ali Phiri confirmed the development in an interview.

The DC, however, said the refugees have been constrained by food supplies and medicine.

“These people lack food and other basic necessities. Meanwhile, officials from the Ministry of Health and the Department of Disaster Management Affairs have gone to the area to assess the situation,” he said.

Phiri said his office had already informed the Ministry of Homeland Security to facilitate the relocation of the refugees from the area to Luwani Refugee Camp.

Senior Chief Chapananga, however, bemoaned that the foreigners might pose health risks to the locals due to sanitation challenges at the makeshift camp.

“We appeal to the authorities to ensure that these people are adequately resourced as we fear health hazards in this area,” he said.

Mozambique went to polls on 15 October in an election seen as a test of peace between the ruling Flerimo and main opposition Renamo

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