$3 Million Vehicle Buyer In Court For Fraud

Own Correspondent|A registrar at the deeds office yesterday testified at the Harare Magistrate’s court in a fraud matter that implicates prominent businessman Frank Buyanga.

Allegations are that sometime in August 2009, one Steven Nyoka entered a loan agreement of $19,000 with Buyanga’s company, Orton Drift and was made to sign off his house which was valued at $130,000 at that time.

He allegedly tendered his tittle deeds as security for the loan and after a few months, he was met by aggrieved clients at Buyanga’s office as he was settling his debt.

He was advised that the deal he had made was shady and upon enquiry at the deeds office, he was told that his house was registered under Buyanga’s company.

The registrar, Ellen Mawere told the court that the transfer of the deeds from Buyanga’s company to another company that he owns as well had been stopped.

She told the court that all transfers involving Buyanga had been halted by order from the Attorney General’s office.

“The deeds that were tendered for transferring the said property were rejected as no properties involving Buyanga were supposed to be transferred as he had pending issues with the courts.”

However, through her testimony it was established that the deeds had already been transferred from Nyoka as he had surrendered his deeds.

The accused person in this matter is Bishop Jeche, a property manager at East Rivet Investments Pvt Ltd.

He is being charged with perjury, money laundering and fraud over the case.

Buyanga has however, not been brought to court over the case with the papers citing Jeche as the accused together with an unnamed accomplice who is said to be still at large.


Through his lawyer Admire Rubaya, Jeche said he was not involved in any transaction or arrangement with the complainant.

He denied the charges and has since written to the prosecutor general saying it is Buyanga who should be before the court.

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